Fun & Curiosity

Fun & Curiosity

Whatever you do in life, you have to have fun. And I don’t believe in separating work from play.

One can always fill one’s cup by being curious – by finding the fun in every little thing you do.

Here are some of the projects I’ve been involved with that capture that feeling.

Operation Raleigh

In 1985, I was one of the first Canadian volunteers for the UK’s Operation Raleigh, a thrilling project to survey the jungles of Chile for the extension of the Pan-American Highway.

I helped to build a school in Puerto Montt, and completed a road survey on horseback for the new highway – undeniable fun!

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Breaking a Guinness World Record

.In 2009, I helped Cirque du Soleil to break the Guinness World Record for the Greatest Number of People Collectively Walking on Stilts.
To mark the 25th anniversary of Cirque, we brought nearly 2,000 people together in multiple locations, with over 700 stilt-walkers by my side in Moscow.

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Project Moose 150

In 2017, Canada was celebrating 150 years of independence. So to mark that occasion, I launched Project Moose – a network of 150 parties thrown across the UK
It was a huge success, attracting numerous high-profile brands and sponsors, and reaching more than 2 million people around the world.

Fun Facts

There are some things about me that you might never have guessed.

I have been following Wim Hof for several years and he has coached me to hold my breath for 3 minutes and 30 seconds (so far!).

Or how I am a pretty good reflexologist.

I’m a firm believer that new experiences can help entrepreneurs to see opportunities that others can’t. These new experiences encourage the kinds of measured risk-taking that can lead to huge personal and community rewards further down the line.